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knotty knickers and other sundry items

Last weekend I went bra shopping after watching an Oprah episode about how the majority of women wear the wrong size bra. My bra, and I only owned the one, was a little too big (maybe I've lost some weight), looked funny under tighter shirts and was falling apart -- the perfect excuse to invest in something pretty. I ended up leaving with a turquoise wonderbra that looks amazing and, despite the underwire and major cleavage enhancements, it is so comfortable. True to form I could not leave the store with only what I needed and instead I decided to try on one of those pairs of super knickers. The gigantic ones that Bridget Jones always refers to and that are supposed to miraculously flatten anything worth flattening from above the knee to just above the rib cage. Initially I tried on a large and it fit a little big. I was under the impression that these things are supposed to squeeze the life out of you so without thinking it through, I grabbed a medium and checked out. The other morning I decided to wear the knickers under a dress to work and realized that although I could stuff myself into the medium, it was like getting a watermelon through a hole cut for a lemon. Once I was in them they stayed in place long enough for me to arrive at work and then began to curl up around the waist and legs so that in the end I was left with this hideously uncomfortable sausage rolly things at the tops of my legs and around my hips. Not only were they awful to wear, but instead of making me look streamlined (the plan really) I looked like I had little sausages tucked beneath my dress. Not lovely.

Gallery wise things are going well, mostly because there is very little going on for me to mess up. I nearly screwed up all of our fall advertisements with the wrong postal code, but luckily that was caught in the nick of time and with no financial penalties for the change. I really need to pull it together and get rid of the knickers.