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too much too much

I had a great, exhausting weekend the likes I haven't had in forever. I went out on Friday and Saturday night and then Sunday I went out of town to a beach about an hour away with dogs in tow. It was h-o-t but wonderful to just lay on a blanket and soak everything in. Then last night I went to the late show of Pirates of the Caribbean, good movie but it ran until almost 1 a.m., which meant about four hours of sleep for me.

This morning I was dead to the world but after a rousing session of yoga over my lunch hour (we offer it here in the gallery free for employees) and a spinach wrap I am feeling a little more in it.

My opening on Friday was even a bigger success that I previously noted with almost 220 people. And we were expecting 30 to 50. The down side was that the food supply didn't hold out and our servers were attacked on site, the sushi and fruit gone before it hit the table. Everyone seemed happy though, sipping their red wine and talking shit until almost 10:30 p.m., which is a very late night for a gallery opening. A more conservative coworker of mine commented rather distastefully that she was mad because when she left the room someone turned up the volume on the music and it seemed like a real party environment.

"It is an art gallery, not a disco!"

I just kept quiet, but I was secretly thrilled. Why can't an art gallery opening have a fun, party environment? Don't we really want people to feel comfortable and as though the place belongs to them? We are always talking about attracting a younger crowd (20-35) and we did and damn it, they like their music loud. Crank it up is what I say.

(The above photo is of the lovely raspberries from my backyard)