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whose brand is it anyways?

Branding is the most awesome pain in the ass. It's actually not the branding part so much as getting a group of twenty plus strong minded people to agree on a brand that is virtually impossible. How can I get everyone on board with a color pallette when I can't even get them to agree on what to have for lunch? Personally, I would go with hot pink and call it a day but unfortunately no one else sees the beauty of that proposition.

Part of the problem with this whole exercise is that our designer is really putting out some very basic work. Work that I could have created with my limited indesign knowledge. There is nothing arty, or edgy, or designy about his work; it is functional and that is about where it ends for positive feedback. We are branding an art gallery here, not an accounting firm. I guess I felt it all along, but it didn't really crystalize for me until today -- now that it is basically too late to make many changes.

The biggest disappointment is in the knowledge that this firm has had more than three months with our material and all they could come up with was inadequate. Le sigh.

On a less negative note, yesterday I hired a summer exchange student to help me with all of the grunt work I neither have the time nor the gumption to do. She is actually very highly qualified with a Masters in Finance. Hopefully she isn't too bored organizing back issues of newsletters in the hallway cubby. She is here to learn English so hopefully, I can at least help her a bit with that. I do love the idea of having an assistant who will actually assist me, even if she can't understand me and for only three weeks.