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rare form

So, remember the rock star artist and the local paper that was desperate to interview him? Well, as I suspected they failed in their efforts. They did still do an article, but began it with extremely snide remarks directed at your truely.

"The Art Gallery wants you to know that their new exhibition has nothing to do with a strike at a local retailer, despite the similarity in their name. Their press package (rather defensively) made this clear..."

Then it went on to be a great article. I know it might sound paranoid, but believe me when I say that this was a direct hit at me curtesy the awful, sanctimonious bastard known as their editor in chief. We have been at odds since I wrote a shopping column for them years ago and had editorial differences, including that he wanted to name my column (and I was their only female writer) after a fairly graphic sex act. Since then it seems like every time we cross paths things get ugly. He is like an evil ex-boyfriend whose feelings are still so hurt from being dumped that he is determined to do everything in his power to make my life uncomfortable.

I am likely going to have to answer to this with the higher ups next week and am not looking forward to explaining the whole pitiful high school reminicent story.

Update: The Gallery opening on Friday was a gigantic success. We were hoping, praying for at least 50 people and about 150 showed up. Hopefully this is enough to make everyone over look the nasty comment in local indie.