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off my game

I am so off my game today it isn't even funny. Not even a little funny. From forgetting my glasses and security swipe card at home this morning, to bumbling my way incoherently through a three hour meeting, I am just a mess. I feel all out of sorts and I cannot focus on anything. It could have something to do with having bad sleeps the last two nights or maybe I am finally loosing my mind. I just feel all out of sorts and when I feel like this, I start to believe that I can't do anything, that I am a horrible failure and it utterly paralyses me. I don't even want to answer the phone because if someone asks me to do something I might just start to cry.

The underside of my desk is looking mighty appealing right about now. I wondering if I turned off the light, shut my door, and crawled under, if anyone would notice?

I think I am going to have my bath in the dark tonight- one of the only things that can clear my mind of all the fuzz when I am feeling like this. My autistic sister is sensory deprived and I am sensory overload. I feel like sparks are shooting from my head.

A bath is the perfect remedy for all that ails!! Offices should have nap rooms for times like this when you need a refresher and/or a brief hiding spot. I'm sensitive to having too much going on around me, too, I feel for ya!

btw: regarding Strangers With Candy, it's highly insensitive to the point of being distasteful. That's not my style normally, but somehow I just can't miss out on the film. I watched all the TV shows on DVD.

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