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rare night on the town

Last weekend I had a rare night out going to a local rock show with some friends. The show itself was pretty bad -- it was all ages, which meant that the average age was somewhere around 16 years old and it stunk of the b.o. that only teenage boys are capable of producing. The good parts of the evening were cold beer, seeing people I hadn't spent time with in awhile and standing outside, watching the kiddies pout all along the train tracks that are outside this particular venue.

I am feeling better today. Last night I had a good sleep, I watched Dave Chappelle's Block Party, which made me smile, and I ate something healthy for supper. I no longer feel like hiding under my desk - a good thing. The rock star show artists have arrived in town today and so there has been much talk of drinks and dinner out and talk of contemporary art, which is neither a good or bad topic depending on who you are talking to.