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Valentine's Day is for Lovers

Today I am sick of listening/reading to people whine about how massively commercial and stupid Valentine's Day is. It seems that people complain more about V-day then other commercially based holidays as a reaction to thier own loneliness. People complain about Christmas and Easter, but not with the same vehemance they complain about Valentine's. There's venom and froth and anger.... It is really unsettling. It seems like a silly thing to waste one's energy on hating a holiday one claims is meaningless.

I am not a sap by any stretch, but if there is any goodness or purpose in Valentine's it is just to remind us to let those we care about know that we care. So happy Vday everyone and love and be happy! (Lordie, I sound like a hippie)

I have been reading a lot of Tibetan Buddhism books lately, which could be having an affect on my desire to spread lovingkindness to the universe. It really is lovely though, and at its core is so easy but so totally impossible at the same time. Besides, I am totally in love with the Dalai Llama. Seriously, if I could have anyone in the world as my Valentine, it would be him. My favorite DL quote, "Kindness is my religion." Swoon!

"What unites us all as human beings is an urge for happiness, which at heart is a yearning for union, for overcoming our feelings of seperateness. We want to feel our identity with something larger than our small selves. We long to be one with our own lives and with each other."

Ah so.