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Dear Blogosphere

Dear Blogosphere (which likely hasn't even noticed I've been away),

I am a terrible, neglectful blogger with, it seems, nothing much to say. I have no excuses other than, I suck.

Here is what I haven't told you over the past month and a half:

          • I saw, I ate, I drank in the Dominican Replublic and there are pictures, which I will try to post soonish.
          • I've been sick ever since I got back from the DR (December 2nd) with various forms of sinus cementing infections and a cough that has become so annoying and rattling that I am surprised I haven't been kicked out of public venues. I only get sick about once a year but when I get sick, I get SICK biatch.
          • It's gotten very cold here.

          • My job is exciting and wonderful and I've just sent out a release to confirm that we will be showcasing an enormous Warhol retrospective exhibition next year. This makes me very, very happy.
          • My house is a mess.

          • I've made some new friends and lost some old ones and I'm not really sure how I feel about that.
          • I still have no New Years plans except that I refuse to wind up at a sorry local bar paying $50 to get in for no other reason than it's NYE and people are so desperate for a place to go that they will pay $50 to go to a sorry local bar. I think NY is the most depressing of the holidays.

          • I have a week and a half of holidays and have only changed out of my new jammies and robe to walk the dogs and one other time to have dinner with my grandperants. I have mastered the art of doing absolutely nothing.
          • I went shopping in Ottawa and had meetings at the stunning National Gallery. This made me both jealous of their amazing space and expansive staff and simultaneously releived that my workplace is blessedly lacking in burocracy.

          I'm sure there is more but these are the highlights, sad but true. I know none of this is terribly exciting but in the meantime, check out this Dick in a Box thing. It has made my holiday season. My favorite part, "One, cut a hole in the box. Two, put your junk in that box. Three, get her to open the box..."

          More to come, including pictures from the DR, my yearly recaps and strategies for being a disgustingly happy individual in the New Year. Happy holidays!