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A little of this, a little of that

So, off the top the New Years resolutions are not all going swimmingly (but I suppose if they were then they wouldn't be NY resolutions). I am not updating more regularly and I am not even meeting my picture a day goal. Instead of beating myself up about it, I say OH WELL! Because it's not like I've been sitting around picking my nose instead of posting photos or blogging. No, I've been working my ass off.

My gallery had it's big winter show opening last weekend and because of my massive schmooze effort we had a turn out of about 300 people, which is a very good number for this little arts community. The show is truly lovely -- contemporary without feeling completely alienating and just so utterly cool. Cool artists = cool work in this particular case as I found out when I spent all my time not at work socializing with them (them being truly unique artists from all across the country). It was a weekend that felt exactly like it should feel to work in a successful gallery. Though it did mean a few too many martini's, a touch too much red wine and very little me time.

Since then I've been doing about a zillion other work related things precipitated by the fact that February is a ridiculously short month, which means that I need to figure out how to fit 31 days worth of work into 28 days. Three less days. I nearly passed out when I realized it. Then I promptly took my ass to work, on a Sunday afternoon. The only ok thing about working non-stop is that the balmy weather has disappeared and it's been about -35 degrees for the past week, with no end in sight. Truly inhumane and hideous. So cold that my windows have ice lining the inside. So cold that it stings to breath. Other then work related things I (along with nearly everyone else) have been cloistered inside and in many ways, work has felt like a necessary break from the house and from stir crazy dogs. I can empathize with Jack Nicholson's pathological behaviours in The Shining.

Other good news, my job is sending me on a week long, all expense paid trip to San Francisco in April. Hootie hoo! I've been to LA but never to San Francisco and I've heard it is beautiful. I will get to stay by Fisherman's Wharf and meet people from all over north America, and visit museums and galleries and learn all about the hip places (with more money then me) are doing with their websites. Maybe I'll make up for the lack of picture-taking when I'm there. Or maybe not.



April?! You best still be coming to my wedding, biatch. And I don't want to have a hen party in la gay Paris all by my lonesome, so. I've been to San Fransisco as a kid and remember loving Fisherman's Warf (though I no longer remember why). Take photos!

hey gallerina, I am one too.
I'm so sick of fecking work and art and artists.
And socialites.
I'm in the Hamptons and NYC. I ran a gallery by myself, the owner was never there for 4 years out here. I would hire and fire interns, usually firing.

Now I just did a huge art project, curating 72 artists.
Burned up.

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