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Made My Day


Sorry it's been so long. I miss my little blog and will try concertedly to come back more often.

For those of you in Canada, happy Thanksgiving. Here is some of what I am thankful for this year:
  • A job I love that also pays me enough to live comfortably and even eat sushi now and then.
  • Circumstances that allow me to be surrounded by art for at least eight hours a day.
  • Passionate people who continue to inspire me every single day.
  • My doggies and R for being loving and wonderful but for also letting me have my space (ok, the dogs are not so good about that).
  • For not having had a cold since May.
  • For living in a city filled with parks and in a neighbourhood where I can walk one block and feel like I am in the country, or 15 minutes in the other direction to feel like I am downtown.
  • For the trip we are planning to take at the end of November to the Dominican Republic.
  • For my little house.
  • For my feet, which take me everywhere I need to go (and some places I don't need to go).
  • For still loving the person I was ten years ago, even if I bear little resemblance to her now.
  • For writing and reading and hot baths on cold days.
  • For geese gathering together to make noise in preparation for their southern journey.
  • For my friends and family, who remind me to shut up every now and again.
  • For TIVO!, the Rapture, impromptu dance parties and crinolins under full skirts.
  • For sake martini's.
  • For stillettos and comfortable shoes.
  • For long, long mornings sleeping in.

There is so much!

Shaddup! No, I'm kidding. What a nice list. I needed to be reminded of some of these things myself, especially today, so thank you.

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