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Today is my 29th birthday. I usually don't like birthdays because, like so many other things in my life, I put far too much emphasis on making them 'special'. As a result, I spend most of my time marking and measuring their level of specialness and am usually disappointed.
I tried to do things differently this year.
Instead of planning something significant, I just let things happen and because I didn't have many expectations, the day unfolded in a lovely, unexpected way. I had brunch at a beautiful old hotel with my family, followed by cake at my grandperants, an afternoon at the dog park with my puppies (it is finally warmer here) and laziness on the couch with my sweetheart. Tomorrow we might drive to a local spa just out of town and soak in the warm mineral water. Nothing special, but somehow really just what I've needed.

Here is a picture my grandperants gave me of my grandfather holding me the day I was born.

And here is a picture taken today with my mother and sister.

I am happy to say that for this year anyhow, it is more than enough.


Warm wishes for your birthday my friend...may you have a great day filled with happiness and laughter...and well also do check out my blog on Birthday Greetings for some really wonderful wishes and greetings!!!

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