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I am such a git. I was supposed to have this fun weekend but I keep missing the people I am supposed to have fun with. My new telephone plays Fur Elise, and apparently that isn't obnoxious enough a song for me to even notice that it is playing. Bugger! As a result, no dance party on Friday, no drinks last night and no brunch today. Instead I spent Saturday pm at work. So the message, find a phone with a more annoying ringer.

Today though I am going shopping for a new fall wardrobe and nothing delights me more. Except maybe fresh steamed mussels, which I bought from the fish store yesterday and intend on having for dinner tonight. Oh glory!

As for the gallerina business, it is going well. Crazy busy but as well as can be expected GIVEN MY BOSS QUIT ON WEDNESDAY AND HIS LAST DAY WAS FRIDAY. (Holy Mother of Gawd! Sacre Bleu! &^%^%$^#+!). But more on that later. The mall is calling my name in the sweetest voice....