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whoa nelly! it's hot as heck in these here parts

So hot in fact that my flesh is burning, and I don't have a sun burn. In past years I have been admittedly bad about sun exposure, preferring to lay out under an orange sun, browning my skin but despite record highs this year, I have mostly stayed covered, opting to pull my little lawn chair into the shade. Yet, my flesh feels like it is blistering and it is almost 11 p.m. Ungodly is how a religious person might describe it. So hot that the dogs are sick: one is pooping and one is puking and I am convinced that the heat is playing a part. So hot that I am going to have an icy bath before going to bed and even at that and under a full force ceiling fan, the coolness will evaporate from my flesh within moments and will turn into the warm slick of sticky sweat.

I've had a long weekend and despite having little desire to return to the gallery, I am dying for the lovely temperature control of the space. Not only is heat and cold controlled but humidity is kept at a steady level to protect the art. My line of work does have it's benefits.

Long weekend has been spent whittling away the time doing little of consequence. Reading, walking the muts, vacuuming, sleeping, watching movies.... I saw Miami Vice and despite his awful chawch mustache I have to admit that I fell madly in love with Colin Farrel in the space of an hour and 45 minutes, having thought quite little of him in the past. When him and that Asian gangsta bitch go at it in the back of the car the hairs on my arms stood up.

The past week has been our annual fair here and as is tradition, people adopt this honky western style. Work places that generally have uniforms or are formal allow their workers to "dress western" for the week. Crazy middle aged people drive around in this silly wagon honking their horn and calling themselves the "rowdy bunch." I am such a cynic. I suppose I am just bitter because I didn't end up paying the insane admittance to the fair and then the $30 for all day riding privildges on rides that were set up in four hours by fucked up carneys. And I am definitely disappointed about missing corn dogs, and other varieties of meats on sticks.

Either that or I am suffering from heat stroke. Air conditioned office, here I come!