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deeply and hopelessly buggered

It is already August 14th and I have only just realized how totally screwed I am. Not only do I have a gigantic presentation that the new branding campaign is hinging on this week, but next week I need to present everyone with my plan for all publicity and marketing for the fall and winter season. That's ten months worth of planning that, for the most part, I have yet to really start. On top of that I'm expected to make a plan to promote the gallery shop, which I am told, needs to early at least $200,000 for my campaign (whatever it is) to be considered a success.

I am good with the planning, strategies, evaluations, etc., but coming up with punchy advertising slogans for shop goodies is not my forte. The closest thing to an advertisement theme I've come up with is pirates, and that's only because I saw Pirates of the Carribean a few weeks ago. I am thinking something along the lines of 'Ello Poppet under a picture of a pretty thing, a vase or necklace... Or something. Why pirates you ask? Well, because (a) it's the only thing that comes of mind (b) it's a pop culture thing right now and might get us some attention and (c) pirates like treasure, right? And we kind of sell treasure.... So, um, I haven't really thought this one through. And that's all I have and yet I am expected to present two or three really solid campaign ideas within the next week. Bugger! I can just see me going ahead with this whole pirate thing and everyone going "Why does it say 'ello? What's a poppet? What are you getting at here missy?"

Brilliant ideas are welcome. Even happy thoughts. Anything really, just send me something nice.


Hopelessly fucked,


Oh dear god, I feel for you. Good luck!

Try googling some catch phrases (maybe even do some searches with the pirate idea) that relate to the product/shop and see if you can get any ideas. The Google Image area is great for this too. Good luck!!

Thanks for the notes ladies. All is not entirely lost - I still have a few days. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

This is a happy thought.


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