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My allergies have been unbearable all day. Anytime the barometric pressure shifts and the temperature either drops or raises drastically, I am a mess. Today my little office was filled with snotty kleenexes and my keyboard and phone were sticky from the constant eye/nose oozing. Not a pretty sight. So tonight I promptly filled my prescription for Flon@se, a miracle cure for those of us plagued with ugly sinuses. While waiting in line at the S@feway pharmacy this strange woman approached me and said, "Your hair is beautiful. It looks like movie hair. In a good way." It was nice to hear, even if she was crazy. It reminded me of the time Friday convinced me to buy a bubble gum pink coat against my better judgment (though I came to love it) by saying, "You have to buy this! You will look like a character out of a film, walking around in your pink coat." I like the idea that something like a coat color or hair can create ambiance, that in some way I am designing the color of my life in the way Sofia Coppola might decide to create a nostalgic mood in a film by choosing to put the Jesus Mary Chain on the soundtrack.