28 October, 2006

me and danes

It has always baffled me that more people don't compare me to Clare Danes. We're practically doppelgangers, no?

24 October, 2006

me, if I lived in a comic



23 October, 2006

Listening to Queen Bitch Laughing at Whatcott

I'm feeling much more in-tuned with the world since my last post. Although I think it is an accurate representation of what I experiences and the true meanness of some people, I am embarrassed at how much it effected me. I was never picked on a bunch in elementary school or high school, but if I was, I would imagine I would have felt similarly to how those girls made me feel last week. It bothers me that I was so bothered.

I saw Marie Antoinette last weekend and I loved it as I love all of Sophia Coppola's films. It is a visceral reaction really and not one well articulated. The places and the music are all as vibrant as the main characters and all are beautiful and sad in a romantic way but one that plays to my sensibilities. And despite the costumes and the cakes, Marie Antoinette was so, so sad and lonely and it really made me think about those everything girls and how sad they might be. How hard it would be to have everything. I recommend it and actually, next to the Virgin Suicides it's my favorite Coppola.

This made me laugh today:

Anyone who has seen this man's awful dead fetus propaganda outside of abortion clinic or had the misfortune to receive any of his homophobic pamphlets will likely appreciate it.


20 October, 2006

Art Bitches

There is no kind of bitch in the world quite like an art bitch. They are usually beautiful and project an air of fun hipness that, from a distance, seems so welcoming. But then you get up close and it's this awful monstrosity barely concealed underneath perfectly applied makeup. Tina Fey should write Mean Girls II and it should all take place in the Fine Arts Dept. of a university. The high school bitches would be put to shame by the cruel snobbery of the arts bitch.

I suppose there is some satisfaction in knowing that 99% of art bitches are really only good at being mean. It becomes their practice. Like performance art or something.

Why do I work in this industry?!

09 October, 2006

Made My Day


Sorry it's been so long. I miss my little blog and will try concertedly to come back more often.

For those of you in Canada, happy Thanksgiving. Here is some of what I am thankful for this year:
  • A job I love that also pays me enough to live comfortably and even eat sushi now and then.
  • Circumstances that allow me to be surrounded by art for at least eight hours a day.
  • Passionate people who continue to inspire me every single day.
  • My doggies and R for being loving and wonderful but for also letting me have my space (ok, the dogs are not so good about that).
  • For not having had a cold since May.
  • For living in a city filled with parks and in a neighbourhood where I can walk one block and feel like I am in the country, or 15 minutes in the other direction to feel like I am downtown.
  • For the trip we are planning to take at the end of November to the Dominican Republic.
  • For my little house.
  • For my feet, which take me everywhere I need to go (and some places I don't need to go).
  • For still loving the person I was ten years ago, even if I bear little resemblance to her now.
  • For writing and reading and hot baths on cold days.
  • For geese gathering together to make noise in preparation for their southern journey.
  • For my friends and family, who remind me to shut up every now and again.
  • For TIVO!, the Rapture, impromptu dance parties and crinolins under full skirts.
  • For sake martini's.
  • For stillettos and comfortable shoes.
  • For long, long mornings sleeping in.

There is so much!